Well and Septic

Help protect our shared natural resources by learning more about your well and septic system and taking steps to ensure your investment is functioning at its best.

The proper installation and repair of all drinking water wells and on-site sewage disposal (septic) systems is overseen by the Health Department Bureau of Environmental Health. Homeowner maintenance of septic systems is important to minimize nitrogen pollution into ground and surface water.

For info on the County’s program to review designs, conduct inspections, test water, oversee permits and applications, and more, please visit the Environmental Health Well and Septic Program webpage.

Septic Savers Program

Septic tanks should be pumped on a regular basis. Howard County Health Department recommends every 3 years. Howard County wants to encourage proper tank pumping because septic overflows in addition to being nasty, can be a major source of unwanted nutrients into our waterways. The program offers a rebate for tanks that are pumped properly. Please visit cleanwaterhoward/septicsavers to learn more about the program.