Rain Gardens & Rain Barrels

Rain Gardens mimic natural water retention and serve as a stormwater management feature and a beautiful garden. Rain Barrels collect water from a downspout for later use.

howard community college rain garden
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Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are low lying areas created to absorb and filter runoff from roofs, driveways and parking lots. Rain gardens are generally planted with native plants adapted for high levels of water, which help to hold the runoff and filter pollutants while the runoff water slowly soaks into the ground.

Here is a suggested list of plants that work well in rain gardens.

For more information about rain garden programs in Howard County, visit CleanWaterHoward.com. There is alot of information there about potential reimbursements, credits and other programs regarding rain gardens.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels collect and store water runoff from roof downspouts to be reused as needed for outdoor uses where non-potable water is acceptable. Because they allow water reuse, rain barrels are a practical water conservation tool and reduce our demand on treated tap water.

June, 2021 Update – In person rain barrel workshops are still on hold. As a substitute, the Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services has created online training. Once the training and paperwork are complete, you can schedule a rain barrel pickup at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Pickups will be on certain Saturdays from May-September (while the annual supply of rain barrels lasts). The barrel comes with pre-drilled holes and instructions on how to buy parts and complete your rain barrel. To find the online training, please click here.