Residential Recycling

For extensive information on recycling opportunities in Howard County, visit You will find information on topics ranging from Specialty Item Recycling to the Feed the Green Bin Program to establishing recycling programs at Apartments, Condos and Businesses and much more!!

residential recycling

Howard County residents with County-provided collection can place recyclables all together in the same container. A blue cart, bin or see-through bag is all you need. Recyclable items include paper, most plastics, metal cans, cardboard and glass. Residents are provided one recycling container per household but may be exchanged for a different size if needed. Damaged carts can be repaired or replaced, however, residents are responsible for keeping them clean.

The Residents’ Convenience Area at Alpha Ridge Landfill is a great resource for additional recycling opportunities for all Howard County Residents! Items ranging from scrap metal to reusable building materials to used cooking oil can be brought in for recycling. Visit their websites for up to date details about opening hours and a complete list accepted items.

What Do I Do With…

Howard County’s Recycling Division has also developed a Local Donation Directory and a comprehensive list of what can be reused and recycled. For their list of how to properly dispose, recycle or reuse materials from American Flags to Yoga Mats, visit the What Should I Do With page