Solar Power with No Roof Required

June 2019

Do you want to make the switch to solar energy, but are not able to put it on your roof? Community solar may be for you.

Wilde Lake Solar

In fact, you no longer need to own your roof to access solar energy, you only need to pay your utilities through BGE or Pepco to be eligible. Consumers can now purchase a share in a Maryland solar energy panel project and receive credits towards their electric bill.  Maryland customers can save 5% off the cost of their electricity.

The goal of community solar is to expand the renewable energy market, providing more opportunities for sustainable energy no matter where residents live, making sure that customers with low and moderate-income levels are included. There are no upfront costs to participate, and relatively small risk.  Community solar allows you to become a subscriber to a local solar power project and pay for a share of the energy produced. You get credits back to your electric bill based on how much energy is produced. This monthly subscription takes out the need for any large upfront costs to fund the project and makes it much easier to pay and take part in solar energy. You can even choose how much money you put towards the project, which will determine credits returned to your electricity bill.

Joining community solar encourages more local solar projects to be built because community solar projects are financed based on the individuals subscribing to them, therefore creating clean energy for yourself and for your community.

To find out how to purchase community solar, please grab your utility bill and visit the website of the non-profit Solar United Neighbors. You can learn about community solar projects available in your area, compare offers, and connect with providers. When you find a project you like, contact the company directly for more information. Community solar companies will review your recent electric bills, recommend a subscription level, and answer any questions about the contract before you sign up.