Save Money with Home Energy Audits

June 2018

A good first step to reducing home energy costs is to pinpoint any problem areas. BGE and Pepco both offer home energy audit programs at discounted rates.

Their Home Performance with Energy Star programs offer comprehensive energy audits for $100, an estimated $400 value. The audit report will recommend specific upgrades as well as estimates for their cost and payback period.

In addition to the audit results, customers can realize immediate savings with free LED light bulbs, water heater pipe wraps, showerhead adapters, faucet aerators and power strips. These can be installed the day of the audit with the homeowners permission. All contractors are vetted and approved by the utility companies.

To learn more and sign up directly through the utility companies, use these links for the BGE and Pepco home energy audit programs.

Need More Help?

If you want even more personalized service, you can talk to a third-party energy coach who will help you navigate the process.

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