Another Successful Roving Radish Season

December 2018

The Howard County’s Roving Radish promotes healthy eating habits while supporting local agriculture. Roving Radish staff and volunteers work with local farmers, plan healthy recipes, and assemble meal kits that are ready for sale.

Meal kits contain as much locally and regionally grown food as possible. Proteins, vegetables and other ingredients are put together so that cooking the meal at home is quick and easy. All the ingredients are provided for two dinners, each one intended to feed 4 people. The meal kits are available to anyone who works, plays or lives in Howard County and are offered at a discounted price to those in need. Meals are purchased online and picked up at one of several locations. You can purchase kits with meat or choose the vegetarian meals. You can view each week’s recipes online and there is no obligation or cancelling to be done. Simply buy one week at a time if you like.

Howard County’s Roving Radish program sold 7000 meal kits this year! This was an increase of 700 meal kits from last year. In addition, Roving Radish participates in community projects such as Days of Taste and Weekend Warrior Backpacks. Days of Taste teaches students about food and nutrition. Roving Radish provided 800 salad kits for students to take home to share with their parents what they learned from the program. Weekend Warrior Backpacks provides food for children to take home for weekends during the summer.  The program is run in conjunction with the Howard County Public Schools Summer meals program. This year the Roving Radish distributed 2,200 Weekend Warrior backpacks. There will also be some backpacks distributed over winter break.

This season ended during Thanksgiving week and will return in May. Roving Radish sells meal kits from spring to fall. To learn more about Howard County farm programs, visit