2,000 Trees Given to HoCo Residents

November 2019

Thank you to all the Howard County residents who participated in the 2019 Tree Giveaway! At the end of October, 2019, Howard County gave away 2,000 trees to residents who picked up and planted their trees. Thank you also to County Executive Calvin Ball, Recreation and Parks and the Office of Community Sustainability.

The trees were in 5-gallon containers and approximately 5 to 8 feet tall. They were all native species. Native species generally live longer and require less care. The tree species given away were: Eastern Redbud, River Birch, Northern Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, Red Maple, Sycamore, American Hornbeam, and Black Gum.

Trees improve the environment in terms of climate, stormwater, energy savings and economic value to homeowners. See pictures from the pickup events here.

If you were not able to participate in the program, please check out the Marylanders Plant Trees program. This program offers a $25 coupon towards a native tree of a certain value.