Go Wild for Violets!

The 2022 contest has closed!

please come back next year to participate.

A Howard County Bee City Photo Contest

Did you know that violets are native to Howard County and feed butterflies, bees, rabbits and other wildlife? They’re also helpful in forming a groundcover under shrubs and perennials. You may have heard that violets are a weed or have been encouraged to remove them from your landscape, but we are here to tell you they belong and they are beneficial plants!

Please join us in our inaugural Violet Photo Contest where we highlight the value of our native violets. We will collect entries through May 14th, and winners will be announced by the week of May 23rd. You may submit as many entries to a category as you would like, or submit entries to all categories! Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries in each category.

Contest Categories:

  • Photo of a Violet Recipe: Show us how you incorporate violets into cooking, baking, or another creative, edible way!
  • Violets in a Garden: We want to see violets in your gardens or lawns.
  • Violets in Howard County Parks: There are several species of native violets in Howard County. Can you find them in our parks?
  • Violet artwork by a child or teen: Show us your artistic skills!
  • Violets with Bees or other Insects: Can you find a miner bee collecting pollen from a violet? Or maybe you’ll see a fritillary butterfly laying eggs or their caterpillars munching on  violet leaves!

More info:

Check out this video from our Bee City Committee member Nancy Lawson, The Humane Gardener, to discover more about the importance of violets and how you can incorporate them into your landscape!