What You Can Do

One of the best ways to support Howard County farms is to buy their products!  Buying local food can be especially rewarding because the food is usually better and you know you are directly supporting your community.

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howard county maryland
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The Roving Radish program is one of the easiest ways to buy local food. Purchasing meal kits supports local farms, ensures you get a healthy meal, and answers the nagging question of “what’s for dinner?”

Visiting farmers markets, farm stores and farm stands is another great way to get great products and connect with your community. Pick-your-own vegetables, fruits and flowers can be a fun day out. Community Supported Agriculture is another great way to get farm fresh products. Visit the Buying Local Food page for listings.

In addition to food, another way to support local food and agriculture is to learn more about it. Howard County farms have done a lot to make their farms more environmentally friendly with the help of nutrient management plans and other practices. They also often use Integrated Pest Management and other techniques to reduce the use of chemicals.

If you live close to Howard County farms, please be a good neighbor and be patient with things like slow farm vehicles and seasonal smells!

Visit the pages within this section to learn more about agriculture programs.