Office of Community Sustainability

Sustainability encompasses much more than environmental concerns. Creating a sustainable region for ourselves and future generations will require a comprehensive approach that addresses environmental, economic and social needs.

Sustainability planning in Howard County involves a variety of departments such as Planning and Zoning, Public Works, Recreation and Parks and Economic Development. To help coordinate sustainability efforts across departments, the Office of Environmental Sustainability was created in 2008, making it the first Office of Environmental Sustainability in Maryland. The name of the Office changed in 2015 to the Office of Community Sustainability in order to better represent the priorities of the Office, which are much broader than environmental protection.

The Howard County Office of Community Sustainability aims to protect and enhance natural resources and the quality of life in our community through the conservation, preservation, and restoration of our land, air and water, guided by the principles of science, ingenuity, sustainability, and stewardship.

The Office of Community Sustainability also pursues grants to support programs across agencies. About $7.5 million has been secured to support energy, environmental education and trees, food policy, and stormwater management. Most of these funds directly support local businesses and jobs.

Contact Us

Contact the Howard County Office of Community Sustainability at or 410−313−0700. You can also use the Contact page on this website.