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Water cov­ers 70% of the earth’s sur­face and yet with over 6.5 bil­lion peo­ple in the world it is imper­a­tive that we prac­tice con­ser­va­tion. As a com­mu­nity we can all work together to ensure that we are doing every­thing pos­si­ble to pro­tect our most nat­ural resource. Stay­ing informed and learn­ing about where your drink­ing water is com­ing from, how waste water is treated and man­aged, and the steps we are tak­ing locally to con­serve and pro­tect our water sup­ply helps every­one bet­ter under­stand how they can help. Learn how planned land­scap­ing and the use of rain gar­dens can assist with water con­ser­va­tion and runoff, how to build a rain bar­rel, and even safe, sim­ple uses of gray water in and around your home.

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