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The Roving Radish

What exactly is a Rov­ing Radish you ask? Well, for Howard County, it’s the name of a brand new, very excit­ing pilot project to help bring fresh food to more peo­ple. For some of you, eat­ing fresh foods from nearby farms may seem like sec­ond nature. For oth­ers, this can prove to be quite the challenge.

What are some of the things that make it so chal­leng­ing? Well, money for one — because let’s face it, eat­ing right ain’t cheap! For oth­ers it can be merely an issue of loca­tion. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a farm­ers mar­ket within walk­ing dis­tance, let alone a rep­utable gro­cery store. For many of us it’s sim­ply a mat­ter of time. Jug­gling the work/life bal­ance is a per­pet­ual bal­anc­ing act, but toss in another com­po­nent (like kids!) and it’s near impos­si­ble! Lastly, I’m con­vinced that intim­i­da­tion plays a role here as well. How many of you are left with a deer-in-headlights look when you hear words like kohlrabi, rhubarb, fid­dle­heads or dan­de­lion greens?

Well, we’ve teamed up with the Hori­zon Foun­da­tion and the United Way in hopes to make eat­ing healthy and lit­tle bit more con­ve­nient and afford­able. Start­ing just a few weeks ago, the Rov­ing Radish started deliv­er­ing fresh meal kits to 5 con­ve­nient loca­tions through­out the county. The meal kits include two recipes to pre­pare two meals for a fam­ily of four. And while you may not find dan­de­lion greens in your kit, you may find your­self feel­ing a lit­tle more com­fort­able in the pro­duce section.

The pro­gram is easy – sign up for meal deliv­er­ies, pick up your bag, and whip up some afford­able, healthy meals! This pilot pro­gram will be run­ning until mid-November. For more infor­ma­tion – or if you’d like to give it a shot, visit us online RovingRadish.com.

Kelly Dudeck
August 2014

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