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Com­post­ing is a safe, nat­ural and con­ve­nient way to con­vert leaves, grass clip­pings and veg­etable scraps into valu­able organic mat­ter (called com­post). When spread in the gar­den, com­post improves soil aer­­ation, water reten­tion, root pen­e­tra­tion and pro­vides valu­able nutri­ents to plants.

Howard County’s Bureau of Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices Com­post­ing web­page is a great place to learn:

- How to com­post at home

- How res­i­dents can pick up a free back­yard com­post bin (while sup­plies last)

- How to pur­chase HoCoGro Com­post – made here in Howard County!

- When and where the Mas­ter Gar­dener Com­post­ing Demon­stra­tions are tak­ing place

- How to become involved in the Mas­ter Gar­dener Rake and Take program

Howard County also has an exten­sive res­i­den­tial curb­side yard trim col­lec­tion pro­gram, and a pilot ‘Feed the Green Bin’ food com­post­ing pro­gram is under­way in cer­tain parts of the County. Details about the pro­grams are at HowardCountyMD.gov/YardTrim and FeedTheGreenBin.org.

Green Tip

Use safe bottles.Opt for BPA-free bottles to avoid toxins in the body and in the environment.