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Indoor Air Quality

Improv­ing Your Indoor Air

Indoor air can be an unsus­pected source of pol­lu­tion.  Radon, mold, and chem­i­cals can have an adverse impact on health.  Some quick tips to com­bat indoor air pol­lu­tion include:

  • Prop­erly ven­ti­late your home. Increase the amount of fresh air by open­ing win­dows and doors or run­ning air con­di­tion­ers and fans that exhaust to the outdoors.
  • Change heat­ing and air con­di­tioner fil­ters reg­u­larly. Fol­low man­u­fac­turer recommendations.
  • Adjust humid­ity. The EPA rec­om­mends a humid­ity level of between 30–50%. Too much humid­ity could poten­tially lead to mold.
  • Learn more about indoor air pol­lu­tants and how to com­bat the EPA’s Indoor Air Web­site.

(The above sec­tion is grate­fully adapted from the Mont­gomery County’s Indoor Air Qual­ity web­site.)

More About Air Quality

Howard County Schools have taken steps to improve indoor air qual­ity.  Learn more at www.hcpss.org/parents/environmental-committee/

Out­door air is mon­i­tored and reg­u­lated by the State and Fed­eral gov­ern­ments.  The Bal­ti­more Met­ro­pol­i­tan Coun­cil, (BMC) also con­ducts regional plan­ning efforts to address air qual­ity. As a mem­ber of the BMC, Howard County is work­ing to improve the air qual­ity in the com­mu­nity. Efforts include the inte­gra­tion of more alter­na­tive fuel vehi­cles and par­tic­i­pa­tion in trans­porta­tion con­for­mity stud­ies designed to reduce emis­sions and lessen the impact of vehi­cles (cars, trucks, buses, trains) on the qual­ity of our air. Howard County’s Trans­porta­tion Divi­sion in the Depart­ment of Plan­ning and Zon­ing coor­di­nates air qual­ity plan­ning efforts with BMC.

The Mary­land Depart­ment of the Envi­ron­ment is respon­si­ble for car­ry­ing out the Fed­eral Clean Air Act and admin­is­ter­ing air pol­lu­tion mon­i­tor­ing, plan­ning and pro­grams to improve air qual­ity. They reg­u­late both mobile sources and sta­tion­ary sources of air pollution.

Green Tip

Use safe bottles.Opt for BPA-free bottles to avoid toxins in the body and in the environment.