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Top 10 Tips to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

1. Choose wisely when pur­chas­ing: Buy the best qual­ity you can, repair and main­tain items, and try to buy used or refur­bished instead of new.

2. Sell, give away or donate reusable items instead of throw­ing them away.

3. Shop with reusable shop­ping bags.

4. Avoid over-packaged prod­ucts and choose prod­ucts with recy­cled content.

5. Drink tap water or fil­tered water from reusable bot­tles rather than bot­tled water.

6. Use reusable dishes and uten­sils and cloth tow­els and nap­kins instead of single-use products.

7. Avoid wast­ing food — nation­ally, about 40% of the food we pur­chase winds up in a landfill.

8. Can­cel unwanted sub­scrip­tions and opt out of junk-mail.

9. Encour­age your work­place to start a recy­cling pro­gram if there isn’t one in place already.

10. Par­tic­i­pate in Howard County’s curb­side recy­cling pro­gram and stay up to date on new recy­clable mate­ri­als (www.HowardCountyRecycles.org).

Green Tip

Check your tire pressure.Increase your gas mileage by keeping your tires properly inflated.