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Patuxent Riverkeeper

Patux­ent River­keeper is a non­profit water­shed advo­cacy orga­ni­za­tion affil­i­ated with the Water­keeper Alliance in New York, an umbrella group that licenses and links Water­keep­ers inter­na­tion­ally. The sole pur­pose of the Patux­ent River­keeper is to pro­tect, restore, and advo­cate for clean water in the Patux­ent River and its con­nected ecosystem.

Their mis­sion is to: “con­serve, pro­tect and replen­ish the State’s longest and deep­est intrastate water­way. Our tools include strate­gic advo­cacy, restora­tion and edu­ca­tion to achieve long term sus­tain­abil­ity for the ecosys­tem of the entire Patux­ent River basin and the peo­ple who rely on its future”


Mem­bers of Patux­ent River­keeper patrol the river, inves­ti­gate and resolve water qual­ity and pol­lu­tion com­plaints, launch and man­age restora­tion projects, raise aware­ness about the river and its prob­lems, and work toward bet­ter enforce­ment of cur­rent laws and bet­ter laws to pro­tect the river.


  • Annual Patux­ent Clean-up — The Patux­ent River­keep­ers coor­di­nate a river-wide annual cleanup event each April. They also tally each cleanup in order to get a sta­tis­ti­cal record of annual vol­un­teerism and the amount/tonnage of trash collected.
  • County Cap­tains — Keep staff informed about what is hap­pen­ing both polit­i­cally and prac­ti­cally in your area. Help track events, com­plaints, and activ­i­ties by mon­i­tor­ing and report­ing them as they occur.
  • Cit­i­zen Water Qual­ity Mon­i­tor­ing — Using the water qual­ity mon­i­tor­ing data col­lec­tion sys­tem that is pub­lished on the World Wide Web, reg­is­tered users obtain train­ing and basic equip­ment to do their own sam­pling. They are also able to log onto the pub­lic web site and upload their find­ings so that oth­ers can com­pare, learn, and share. The sys­tem is designed to accept mon­i­tor­ing results that cit­i­zens can rea­son­ably be expected to test for with min­i­mal train­ing and inex­pen­sive equipment.
  • Patux­ent Rough­necks — Clear snags from the upper sec­tions of the river to keep a water trail open for paddlers.
  • Ripar­ian Tree Plant­ing — Trees are ini­tially obtained as bare root stock where vol­un­teers then replant them in pots so they can be stored and nur­tured in their grow-out sta­tion. Dur­ing plant­ing sea­sons, teams of vol­un­teers get the seedlings into the ground in areas where they will do the most good.
  • Admin­is­tra­tive Work — Help is needed to sup­port spe­cial projects and events.

Fred Tut­man (River­keeper)
301−579−2073 ext 7

Patux­ent Riverkeeper’s Vis­i­tor Cen­ter is located at

17421 Not­ting­ham Road
Upper Marl­boro, MD 20772


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