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Community Ecology Institute

The Com­mu­nity Ecol­ogy Insti­tute (CEI) is a Howard County based non-profit orga­ni­za­tion with a mis­sion to fos­ter social and eco­log­i­cal health and well-being through research and pro­grams that strengthen the con­nec­tion between all peo­ple and the nat­ural world.


The Com­mu­nity Ecol­ogy Insti­tute (CEI) con­ducts and dis­sem­i­nates research on the impor­tance of direct engage­ment with the nat­ural envi­ron­ment for indi­vid­ual, famil­ial, com­mu­nity and eco­log­i­cal health and well-being. We also design, imple­ment, and pro­mote oppor­tu­ni­ties to fos­ter health and build com­mu­nity through con­nec­tion to nature. Through direct expe­ri­ences in nature we seek to enhance human health, build com­mu­nity, fos­ter eco­log­i­cal restora­tion, and improve the resilience of both human and nat­ural com­mu­ni­ties. We pri­or­i­tize ini­tia­tives and top­ics that work across mul­ti­ple areas. For exam­ple, CEI’s flag­ship pro­gram, Colum­bia Fam­i­lies in Nature, is a fam­ily nature club that has pos­i­tive effects in each focus area. Water­shed and food­shed con­nec­tiv­ity and health are cur­rent areas of inte­grated empha­sis. To opti­mize our impact, we seek to col­lab­o­rate with orga­ni­za­tions that have syn­er­gis­tic mis­sions and areas of work.


Please email the Com­mu­nity Ecol­ogy Insti­tute if you are inter­ested in intern­ship or vol­un­teer opportunities.





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