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Want to learn ways to help pro­tect the earth? Need a school project or look­ing to vol­un­teer? Want to get out­side and explore your neigh­bor­hood, but not sure what to look for? Or just curi­ous about the crit­ters in your yard? Check out the links and games below to learn more about what kids of all ages can do to explore our envi­ron­ment and then get out­side and enjoy nature! Chal­lenge your­self and your fam­ily to spend at least a few min­utes out­side every day.

Kids Zone Quiz (PDF)

Kids Zone Quiz Answers (PDF)

Save the Earth Cross­word Puz­zle with Answers (PDF)


EPA Kids


EEK! Envi­ron­men­tal Edu­ca­tion for Kids

Water Use it Wisely – links and games

National Wildlife Fed­er­a­tion – Get Outside

Chil­dren and Nature Network

Dare to Explore! National Geo­graphic – Kids

Planit Green Live

Audubon — Just for Kids

Kids Planet

Green Squad

Recy­cle City

EIA Games & Activities

NPS Web Rangers

Green Tip

Hi, I’m Howard and I’m here to provide you with green tips. Look for me throughout the site and check out my cool interactive games at the Kids Zone.