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Floodplain & Flood Protection

Flood­plains are low land areas that are located next to rivers, streams, and lakes. Flood­plains pro­vide nat­ural fil­tra­tion of pol­lu­tants and pro­vide breed­ing and feed­ing areas for wildlife. Dur­ing increased rain and snow activ­ity flood­plains store rain­wa­ter, melted snow­fall, and reduce flood­ing in sur­round­ing areas. It is impor­tant to allow the flood­plain to carry and store flood­wa­ters in order to pro­tect human life and prop­erty from flood dam­age and this is why Howard County does not allow build­ing in the floodplain.

Dump­ing into our streams and rivers is a vio­la­tion of Howard County Code. Even grass clip­pings and branches can accu­mu­late and plug chan­nels. Also, when you expect a heavy rain or snow event, check that your local storm drains are clear of debris. This will pre­vent water from back­ing up and flood­ing local areas.

Howard County’s Flood Pro­tec­tion web­page pro­vides lots of valu­able infor­ma­tion about the County’s efforts to deal with flood­ing, includ­ing: Flood­plain Drainage Sys­tem Main­te­nance, Local Flood Warn­ing Sys­tem, Real Time Gauges, and NOAA Radios, Flood Safety, Flood Pro­tec­tion Mea­sures, Flood Insur­ance and more.

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