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Residential Recycling

recycle binsFor exten­sive infor­ma­tion on recy­cling oppor­tu­ni­ties in Howard County, visit HowardCountyRecycles.org. You will find infor­ma­tion on top­ics rang­ing from Spe­cialty Item Recy­cling to the Feed The Green Bin Pro­gram to estab­lish­ing recy­cling pro­grams at Apart­ments, Con­dos and Busi­nesses and much more!!

Howard County res­i­dents with County-provided col­lec­tion can place recy­clables all together in the same con­tainer. A blue cart, bin or see-through bag is all you need. Recy­clable items include paper, most plas­tics, metal cans, card­board and glass. Res­i­dents are pro­vided one recy­cling con­tainer per house­hold, but may be exchanged for a dif­fer­ent size if needed. Dam­aged carts can be repaired or replaced, how­ever res­i­dents are respon­si­ble for keep­ing them clean.

The Resident’s Con­ve­nience Area at Alpha Ridge Land­fill is a great resource for addi­tional recy­cling oppor­tu­ni­ties for all Howard County Res­i­dents! Items rang­ing from scrap metal to reusable build­ing mate­ri­als to used cook­ing oil can be brought in for recy­cling. Visit the web­site for up to date details about open­ing hours and a com­plete list accepted items.

Home Com­post­ing

Com­post­ing is an easy, safe and nat­ural way to con­vert leaves, grass clip­pings and food scraps into a valu­able soil amend­ment. When spread in the gar­den, com­post improves soil aer­a­tion, water reten­tion and root pen­e­tra­tion as well as pro­vid­ing valu­able nutri­ents to plants. Inter­ested Howard County res­i­dents can get a free back­yard com­post bin and instruc­tion book­let, while sup­plies last. For details, please visit the Howard County Bureau of Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices Com­post­ing page.

Green Tip

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