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Local Food & CSA’s

A health­ier you starts with eat­ing fruits and veg­eta­bles every day. But did you know that pur­chas­ing those fruits, veg­eta­bles, dairy and meat locally makes not only you health­ier, but your com­mu­nity as well? Or that buy­ing those same prod­ucts as organic has the same pos­i­tive result? Buy­ing local means your gro­ceries don’t have to be trans­ported great dis­tances result­ing in lower car­bon emis­sions (cleaner air). It also helps sup­port local farm­ers, which in turn sup­ports your community.

There are sev­eral ways to buy local within Howard County includ­ing Farm­ers’ Mar­kets, Com­mu­nity Sup­ported Agri­cul­ture (CSA’s) sites, pick-your-own farms, road­side farm stands and even the local pro­duce sec­tion of many gro­cery stores.

CSA’s sell “shares” whereby a mem­ber essen­tially owns a piece of the farm and receives a por­tion of the har­vest. The pro­duce is fresh, local and often organic. While buy­ing organic can tend to be more expen­sive the rewards can be plen­ti­ful. Organic farm­ers restrict the use of dan­ger­ous pes­ti­cides so the food that ends up on your plate is bet­ter for you and packs more nutri­tional value. By lim­it­ing the use of pes­ti­cides, organic farm­ers cre­ate less haz­ardous runoff and pro­tect the soil from the addi­tion of harm­ful chemicals.

Howard County CSA’s

Please note that the facil­i­ties listed here are pro­vided for infor­ma­tional pur­poses only and do not rep­re­sent any endorse­ment by Howard County Government.

Breezy Wil­low Farm — Wood­bine, MD. Breezy Wil­low pro­duces veg­eta­bles, berries, honey, herbs, jams, goatsmilk soap and nat­ural body prod­ucts. Optional prod­ucts such as eggs, cheese, Mary­land maple syrup, breads, pies, noo­dles etc. may be included as well as fruits and veg­eta­bles from neigh­bor­ing farms. CSA mem­bers may pick up at the farm or other loca­tions. www.breezywillowfarm.com.

Gor­man Farm — Lau­rel, MD. This farm focuses on their CSA pro­gram with a vari­ety of organic pro­duce. The CSA pickup is located at the Gor­man Farm, 10151 Gor­man Road in Lau­rel. The farm also offers pick your own straw­ber­ries in the spring.  www.gormanfarmscsa.com.

Love Dove Farm — Wood­bine, MD. Love Dove par­tic­i­pates in the Howard County farm­ers mar­kets and offers a 10 week CSA share. Pick up is at the Miller Library in Elli­cott City. www.lovedovefarms.com

TLV Tree Farm — Glenelg, MD. This CSA will e-mail a ques­tion­naire on the har­vest prod­ucts expected. Shares will adjust based on the responses and avail­abil­ity. CSA pickup is at the farm, 15155 Tri­adel­phia Mill Road, Glenelg, MD. 21737 www.tlvtreefarm.com/csa.html

Wheeler Farm — Sykesville, MD. Shares usu­ally include 8–10 types of veg­eta­bles and com­pli­men­tary herbs, enough for a fam­ily of 4. When avail­able, the farm stand will offer fruit, eggs, cheese and meat from other local farm­ers. CSA pickup is at the farm, 13945 Forsythe Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784. http://www.thewheelerfarm.com/.

Zahradka Farm — Bal­ti­more County. Dur­ing the win­ter sea­son, this CSA deliv­ers local pro­duce to your home or office every week. Dur­ing summer/fall mem­bers choose their own veg­eta­bles market-style at pick up loca­tions in Howard County. Choose from dif­fer­ent size shares to fit your needs. www.zahradkafarm.com.

Howard County Farm­ers’ Markets

Another excel­lent way to find local pro­duce and sup­port our farm­ers is shop­ping at local Farm­ers’ Mar­kets. They fea­ture the season’s fresh­est locally-grown pro­duce, baked goods, fruits of the sea­son, flow­ers, trans­plants, organ­i­cally grown pro­duce and spe­cialty items. This year, mar­kets are open Wednes­day — Sun­day, each in a dif­fer­ent loca­tion. Here is a link to the Howard County Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment Author­ity list of Mar­ket Loca­tions and Dates.

Organic Gro­cers

Please note that the facil­i­ties listed here are pro­vided for infor­ma­tional pur­poses only and do not rep­re­sent any endorse­ment by Howard County Government.

David’s Nat­ural Mar­ket: www.davidsnaturalmarket.com

Mom’s Organic Mar­ket: www.myorganicmarket.com

Roots Mar­ket: www.rootsmkt.com

Also look for cer­ti­fied organic prod­ucts at other gro­cery stores through­out the area.

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