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Energy Efficiency

Energy effi­ciency goes beyond your home and into your daily life — work, play, wor­ship, etc. We all use energy to get to our activ­i­ties and to pro­vide what we need when we get there.

Pur­chas­ing Energy Star equip­ment and light­ing can save busi­nesses, non-profits and res­i­dents money by cut­ting energy use by up to 30%.

Vehi­cle fuel econ­omy can be improved by keep­ing engines tuned up, keep­ing tires prop­erly inflated, and avoid­ing rapid accel­er­a­tion and brak­ing. Car­pools and pub­lic trans­porta­tion are even better.

Howard County gov­ern­ment is tak­ing a hard look at its own oper­a­tions and find­ing ways to save energy. Howard County has had suc­cess phas­ing in hybrid vehi­cles and diesel-electric hybrid buses. These vehi­cles are reduc­ing fuel use. Howard County has also con­verted many traf­fic lights on County roads to LED lights. These lights use 60% less energy than before. Other County facil­ity project include LEED build­ings and the instal­la­tion of solar panels.

Please visit the Howard County Effi­ciency Projects page to find out more about what Howard County gov­ern­ment is doing to mon­i­tor and save energy.

To learn more about the ways in which you, your work­place, or orga­ni­za­tion can be more energy effi­cient, visit the links below:


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Weath­er­iza­tion Pro­gram
Fuel Fund of Mary­land Watts Watcher program

Howard County
Energy-Saving Tips

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Green Tip

Pay bills online.It’s usually free, and you can sign up for email reminders so you won’t be late.