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Unless… The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Envi­ron­men­tal aware­ness, edu­ca­tion, cam­paign­ing, pro­mo­tion, mar­ket­ing, blah blah blah.

Here we are doing all of this work, and Dr. Seuss had it fig­ured out all along!

The Lorax is a book I read from time to time to my four-year-old daugh­ter. What? You have never read The Lorax? It is the quin­tes­sen­tial story of char­ac­ter v. nature, and though this part may not sound good, it does end with char­ac­ter very much still in the lead.

While read­ing it the other night it occurred to me that it would make an excel­lent blog topic. But of course Hol­ly­wood had to come along and trump my idea and cre­ate a feature-length film based on the book (in the­aters March 2nd).

In a nut­shell, The Lorax is the story of a char­ac­ter who dis­cov­ers that Truf­fula trees are great for mak­ing thneeds – things that every­one needs! Well, the more he makes (reads cuts down the trees), the more he sells (reads pro­duces in pollution-creating fac­to­ries). In no time at all the land around the fac­tory is dec­i­mated, the wildlife gone, and all the Truf­fula trees cut down. The illus­tra­tions resem­ble images of the moon – gray and lifeless.

But wait! While it ends with a bleak land­scape, we do learn that there is one Truf­fula seed remain­ing — one that could be planted and cared for to bring back the Truf­fula trees. So there is hope…

It is at this point that Dr. Seuss man­ages to encap­su­late the green mes­sage in the sim­plest of terms:

“Unless some­one like you cares a whole awful lot,
noth­ing is going to get bet­ter. It’s not. ”

Unless some­one like you:

Con­serves water by using a rain bar­rel;
Com­posts food scraps in a com­post bin from the County;
Recy­cles as much as pos­si­ble at your curb, and at the Con­ve­nience Cen­ter;
Vol­un­teers to clean up lit­ter in your neigh­bor­hood;
Edu­cates them­selves by attend­ing Green­Fest;
Plants a tree along a stream;
Reduces your waste;
Or even just fol­lows the sim­plest of tips;

“Noth­ing is going to get bet­ter. It’s not.”

Laura A.T. Miller
Feb­ru­ary 2012

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