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Farm to Table Feature: Elkridge Furnace Inn

Every once in a great while OES decides to get out of the office and do some­thing wild. So we sprung for cel­e­brat­ing Farm to Table Week at the his­toric Elkridge Fur­nace Inn. We thought we would just enjoy a great lunch, but as we were leav­ing we ran into Owner and Exec­u­tive Chef, Daniel Wecker. That’s where the actual fun began. We told him we were out cel­e­brat­ing Farm to Table week and he responded log­i­cally with “well, did you see the farm?” Huh, why didn’t we think of that?

A tour fol­lowed, cour­tesy of Dan. The Elkridge Fur­nace Inn gar­dens are remark­able, as you can clearly see from the images. These all organic gar­dens were super impres­sive and offer young peo­ple the chance to learn organic gardening.

Dan clearly under­stands the impor­tance of work­ing with the envi­ron­ment and cel­e­brat­ing fresh, local, organic food. Even the swal­low­tail but­ter­flies love eat­ing at the Inn.

Some high­lights include:

- All organic gar­dens includ­ing veg­gies and fruits

- Organ­i­cally grown flow­ers – edi­ble and used for table decorations

- A short fence around the gar­den pro­vided nice aes­thet­ics while keep­ing out small crit­ters, but also a solar pow­ered elec­tric cur­rent run­ning through the back near the woods suc­cess­fully keeps deer at bay

- Com­post­ing on site used to fer­til­ize the garden

- Smoke house on site to pre­pare their own meats

- Native plants galore, includ­ing some locally dis­cov­ered native hydrangeas

- In front of the Inn is a 200 yr old Lin­den Tree – a Howard County Cham­pion Tree

Of course there is a lot more within these gar­dens, but we admit­tedly were quite dis­tracted by the abun­dance of but­ter­flies to remem­ber all the details.

How­ever, we got the most impor­tant les­son: next time you sit down and ask for a menu, ask to see the farm too.

~Lind­say DeMarzo
OES Staff
August 2013

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